This was by far the hardest post to do, I think it was just over-whelming to decide what theorist let alone one quote that seemed to be the most influential. I had to rack my brain for quite some time in order to determine which theorist and which quote would be the best to explain.

What I came up with comes from Simmel, it comes from his publication “Exchange” (1907)

“Exchange is the purest most concentrated form of all human interactions in which serious interests are at stake.” (Edles and Appelrouth 280)

This was a quote that I read and then re-read a couple times, what does this mean? WHy is it something that sticks with me everyday? I think it is so memorable because it is explains a lot about human interaction and the benefits that an individual gains by involving themselves in interpersonal relationships. Simmel does not use this to depict one type of relationship (exchange) this is umbrella terminology used to depict every relationship and the benefits that stem from them.

When Simmel refers to the interests at stake, he is referring to the value of the exchange and the benefits that coincide with the interaction, each and every interaction we have from other people is an exchange. We are either giving or receiving something that we either had or lacked. Even the most personal of relationships can have a value attached to it.  Simmel is stating that the more personal interests involved the more the individuals interacting are sacrificing.

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