Feminists Perspective of Everyday Life

Being a senior, I have a pretty structured day, in a brief overview, I attend two-three classes a day, get lunch with my friends, attend at least two meetings leaving homework and the exploration of job opportunities for my post-college career.

Even though it seems generic, each facet has an identifiable conflict. Starting with my classes, although they are predominantly female the content that we learn about is mostly from male perspectives, take for instance our class content, for the entire first half of the semester our class content was dominated by the classic social theorist all being men. Although the content is relatable to my understanding it is still dimmed by the overwhelming fact that male content is almost exclusively dominant in literature that is used to educate. Obviously, sociological content is much different and the department has a better understanding of this discrepancy.

The portion of my everyday life that has the underlying examples of being over-sexed , is when I am looking at different employment opportunities.  Going into law enforcement , I have explored many job opportunities in different areas of the country. Each department has an over emphasis on their female population of officers, and has statistics of graduation rates form the academy that only reflect females. This gives a large reluctance, to go into a field that is predominantly male and already have an unneeded pressure to fill a departments quota,  am I being hired for my merit or because I am female?


Betty Hale Officer for Denver PD


Prince William Recruit Class

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  4. mroane says:

    yea, I saw alot of that at the police training academy in Richmond(quota). There were maybe 6 or less women to about 12 or 13 male police recruits. The FBI appears to be the same way as well. Even with a least more women in law enforcement- the physical agility requirements are still set around perceived gender differences. And even less females in detective, crime scene investigation( ballistic forensics) and chief of police positions.

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