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Discussion Question- Hurst Chapter 3

Question 4: Simmel and Weber both knew that individuals try to maintain their integrity through the creation of distinct identities in society. If this is healthy or necessary then how could isolation from others be related to suicide and any other pathology?

Exploring this topic Hurst emphasizes mostly on Durkheim and his interpretations of suicide, he focuses on the distinct catagories of suicide. This confused me at first, trying to understand Weber and Simmel through the analysis of Durkheim?? After reading and re-reading it made more sense..

  • Simmel’s main focus is on the two different sides of self the rational and aesthetic sides of self. These intellectual sides of self are important for the development of a person, without societal interaction and exchange a persons sense of self does not evolve and they become underdeveloped socially.
  • Weber also emphasizes the importance of social identities, it evolves values, by having different social identities a persons can evolve incorporating new values and grooming the ones they already possess.

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