Solidarity.. Changes Your Life

You don’t understand the world until you now Durkheim’s ideas about solidarity …..

Durkheim introduces the idea of social solidarity in his publication of “The Division of Labor in Society” he describes the ways in which individual actions can contribute to society as a whole. Durkheim introduces two concept of solidarity

Mechanical Solidarity- this is a likeness that is rooted in everyone feeling/doing the same thing,r:6,s:0&tx=61&ty=49Organic solidarity- which is solidarity in which each person is interdependent with others, forming a web of cooperation

i.     An individual becomes reliant on society

ii.     Society is collective with many uses

Durkheim’s analysis of society has been the one portion of theory that has really become extremely thought provoking. I constantly analyze my social groups in order to determine their significance and how they are associated in my life as mechanical or organic. Most people can analyze their societal interactions and be able to distinguish how it can be explained in their life.

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