What’s with the banner?

Those of us that are seniors all we think about is graduation, what were going to do after, where we are going to live, work, go to school, whose couch will we be surfing until the stars align and we finally feel prepared to go out into the real world. When learning about Durkheim’s theory of mechanical solidarity all I could think about was graduation. Having this feeling of likeness that brings us together. We are all apart of the University, all fish in a big pond. We all have classes to attend, projects to do, exams to take. We all can relate to the all nighters we pull and the over abundance of work that we seem to have towards the end of each and every semester. Graduation is the big pay off the reward for all of the hard work that each individual put in.Graduation signifies cohesion, a representation of the past four years of hard work and getting to the big pay off. ¬†Even though we all come from different individual backgrounds we will all have a social binding to each other coming from the same institution embarking on different chapters in our lives.

-Tatiana P Haywood

One Response to “What’s with the banner?”

  1. Dr. M says:

    Nice connection to Durkheim. But could you say a bit more about why this illustrates mechanical solidariy rather than organic solidarity?